The Beginning…

Firstly you will have to forgive me, i am not so good with the written word, talk the arse off a donkey but this  is a brave new world for me. Images are my thing, and i am a believer a great image needs no words, but eh we are in the age of communication, so i will do my best. 

I was not always a photographer ….

In days gone by you would of found me in blue, working Accident and Emergency as a Nurse. As much as i enjoyed the journey of becoming a nurse, i found having 2 small children too much of a challenge , not too mention exhausting, so i decided to stay at home with them , which allowed my partner to focus on his business ( Virtual reality, seriously geeky!! )

Due to my partners work i had access to a rather large studio space, so i decided i would go in the evenings and invite some willing victims to be photographed by myself.

In those years i learnt so  much, working with a huge lighting rig was no easy feet, but it gave me a good grasp on studio lighting. 

I had a couple of years of having a lot of fun ….the rest is history.

Below are a few of the first images i ever took in the studio ( 2011 )

I never went on courses, i taught myself…my advise would be to get yourself a very patient friend and away you go……

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